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Having been almost completely off the grid for two weeks means coming back to a lot of email, blog posts, webcomics, and other sources of news and information.  Some people declare ‘information bankruptcy’ as a way to deal with it, but I’m slogging through pretty well on a priority scheme.  You’d think this is a problem of information overload, but I like Clay Shirky’s thought process on the problem, so I’m going to look at the problem from a different angle; it’s not that I have too much information, is that normally I filter this information on a real-time chronology so I get it in small chunks.  Taken that way, I don’t generally need to institute a prioritization scheme, excepting a very high level (work e-mail and voicemail first, other email and voicemail second, blogs and twitter and other time-sensitive items third, webcomics and other cruft last).  When the filter of chronology breaks, as it has for no, I need to handle things differently.  So, apologies if it takes me a little while to get around to whatever it is.  It’s on my queue, but now I have to do OoOE instead of FIFO.  Here’s Mr. Shirky’s discussion of the issue:

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What I do.

Apr. 25th, 2008 10:43 am
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I often get questions from people wondering why it is I'm paid to sit in front of a computer and play around on the web much of the day, why I make a point of joining facebook, myspace, twitter, livejournal, etc, why I've installed and tried dozens of wiki engines, blog engines, rss agregators, audio, video, and other content creation software. I often sum up my job as straddling the divide between teaching and technology, that my job is to support faculty in bringing technology into the curriculum. But along the lines of show, not tell, I present to you the reader, a set of links to important and relevent works that sum things up nicely.

First, a YouTube video on the life of the current student. Technology is such a big part of their lives, it has to become part of their educational infrastructure as well.

Next, an article on the challenges of integrating technology into pedagogy (the art of teaching). This is an excellent article that sums up a lot of my daily frustrations, hurdles, and goals.

Educause Review Article (Educause is a great resource)

Lastly, another YouTube video, from the same group at KSU, about some of the results of technological integration.

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In the past week I've:

  • hacked the router and installed DD-WRT

  • upgraded and migrated dokuwiki

  • solved my backup/sync problems with unison

  • set up my own OpenID server, and successfully logged in with it

And so far, none of it has blown up in my face....

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So, because last night I had cause to introduce a new crop of people to Radiskull and Devildoll, I got the bright idea that I wanted to somehow put this onto my iPod, which has video capability. If I can get it into a movie format, I can convert it for the iPod. I know there are plenty of tools to convert standard .flv flash videos (like youtube's) into useable movie files, but I'm not finding anything for the more typical .swf files. Anyone out there with good suggestions?

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Ever since Apple has really cut out of the East Coast Macworld scene, their Winter Keynote in the San Francisco Macworld has become one of their prime places to announce new products, technologies, corporate directions, etc.  They've done their darndest to keep a tight lid on thigns too, and a whole subculture has broken out spawning rumors of what Apple is coming out with next.

It's one of the best marketing machines ever.  All the free press and publicity, the groundswell of interest, and the ravenous appetites of the bleeding edge consumers all come together.  Other companies could learn a thing or two.  Of course, it only works this well because Apple is the complete solution vendor, hardware, OS, accessory, and applications all from one company.  They don't lock out other applications, accessories, or even OS solutions (especially with the new Intel based Macs), but because they offer the whole range, rumors of new items also cover the whole spectrum.

Well, in 5 minutes we'll start to see what this year's Macworld brings.

And yes, I know I'm contributing to all the fuss I talked about above.  Oh well.

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